Becky Zropf attended ‘The Dark side of Rehab’ Forum in Hobart. It was a one day Forum which focused on the future of rehabilitation. There were some very thought provoking sessions on managing complex psychological claims and visual ergonomics.

Natasha Roberts attended the “Explain Pain” two day course run by the NOI group and presented by founder David Butler and Tim Cocks in Noosaville.  There were over 100 allied health professionals present for the 2 days and the presenters kept us all engaged for the full 2 days with their dynamic and engaging style.

The course presented detailed anatomical and physiological explanations of the pain perception in the tissues, peripheral and central nervous system.  It provided a foundation approach to addressing pain experiences that engaged the client in education and encouraged exercise.  There is a range of books and information available on the NOI group website ( Natasha took away an understanding of the importance of the entire life picture and impact that has on a person’s pain perception, how to create opportunities to engage in activities that address the issues without focusing on them and a range of catch phrases to empower clients, such as the NOI group favourite “motion is lotion”, to manage the pain experience.