Workcom continues to expand our coverage around Australia. Here are two of our most recent , we will introduce a couple of them and bring you their background.

Laura Whiteley – Rehabilitation Counsellor – Perth, WA.

Gail Essery – Occupational Therapist – Perth, WA.

Workcom would like to welcome both Laura and Gail to the WA team. Based in Perth, Laura has been working as a Rehab Counsellor in Occupational Rehabilitation for nearly 9 years including various senior management roles in both NSW and WA. She was also a Finalist for the ARPA NSW Awards for Exceptional Leadership and Innovation in Return to Work in 2017.


Gail is also based in Perth and gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Social Science in 1990 before going on to study an Associate Degree in Law. She has a strong background in caring for those marginalised in society, working in advocacy and caring for those with cerebral palsy, refugees and those requiring emergency shelter. She then worked in paralegal roles before gaining her degree in Occupational Therapy in 2010.


Gail and Laura are very welcome additions to our Workcom team in Perth so we are delighted that they have decided to work with us. If you would like to know more about their capacity, please call 1300 654 425 or make a referral through Alternatively, you can go back to our Referral Form tab (3rd from the left).