Workcom’s Rehabilitation Consultants all have considerable experience in designing and implementing comprehensive Suitable Duties Programs to ensure the success of a Claimant in returning to work after illness or injury. This requires detailed analysis of the physical and psychological demands of suitable duties being offered by an Employer and matching these with the physical and psychological capacity of the Claimant. The Workcom Consultant will also liaise with the allied health professionals treating the Claimant, as well as with treating Doctors and Specialists to confirm the Claimant’s capacity is in line with the requirements of the suitable duties offered.

The success of such a program also requires detailed discussions with the Claimant to determine their readiness for return to work, any barriers that may be encountered, as well as working with the Employer to ensure they are fully supportive of the Claimant’s return to work and the program. The Workcom Consultant will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to keep them informed of improvements so that the Claimant can gradually progress the hours they work and then the difficulty of the work tasks they complete, in line with their improved capacity. This continuous liaison ensures all stakeholders are aware of the progress and any barriers that are encountered so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.

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