business mentoring

Workcom has a small team of business mentoring rehab consultants who offer Professional Business Mentoring Services to assist people unable of returning to their pre-injury employment in starting up their own business.

With many years’ experience working as a Rehabilitation Consultant as well as additional experience as mentors to business owners, our team has an excellent insight into how people with physical and/or psychological limitations can still very much be active members of the work force and, with assistance, even be transitioned to becoming business owner/operators themselves.

Our approach is one that enables people who have a business idea to identify, develop and grow their vision toward fruition. Importantly, we are also able to recognise when a person is not ready for that journey, or the business concept is not scalable or viable to take to the next stage.

Workcom can take on referrals for any clients who may be looking to start up their own company, but who feel they need some guidance in developing their business plan. They may also want to talk about strategy or would simply like to spend a few hours speaking with someone as to whether they are, in fact, ready to embark on such responsibility, and what may be required in taking those steps.

If you want to know more about how we can help, please call us on 1300 654 425.