Workcom working alongside Workers

Workcom is proud to maintain its accreditation with WorkCover NSW, WorkCover Qld and ReturnToWorkSA.

Workcom is a rehab provider for employers and workers.

Our Rehabilitation Consultants will thoroughly assess Workers to understand their strengths and motivations to make the return to work a positive experience for all stakeholders referred to us for return to work assistance to not only ensure a timely return to work but also to investigate causes of injuries to minimise the risk of recurrence and focus on sustainable return to work goals.

Our regular and meaningful communication with all relevant stakeholders with a constant focus on the goal of return to sustainable employment is paramount to keeping all informed and on board with the strategies developed in partnership with the Worker.

Workcom collaborating with CTP clients

Workcom is constantly developing its collaborative approach to assisting insurers charged with the responsibility of helping those injured in motor vehicle accidents to maximise their function. Returning as close as possible to their pre-injury level of function at home and in the workplace by providing all reasonable and necessary assistance is always our goal. Our experienced staff will combine their listening skills and empathy with an understanding of the client’s pathology and prognosis that comes from years of experience in this field, along with their ability to effectively communicate with the medical and allied health team to gauge the client’s progress and degree of engagement with the rehabilitation plan.

Workcom investing in Life Insurance claimants

Workcom has a professional and dedicated team who love to invest their time and effort into the relationships required to make the return to work and daily function a reality for those claimants referred to us with Income Protection. The ability of our consultants to “think outside the square” and consider all possible means to build capacity in those struggling to find their feet again after injury or illness is a key factor in our success in this area or rehabilitation.

If you want to know more about how we can help, please call us on 1300 654 425.