Vocational assessments which meet the needs of individuals and their specific circumstances are part of Workcom’s Australia-wide return to work services. These type of occupational assessments are used when an injury or redundancy prevents the individual from returning to their previous employment.

A vocational assessment involves the comprehensive and objective evaluation of an individual’s transferable skills, qualifications, capacity, employment experiences and vocational goals and interests, to inform recommendations about sustainable and suitable job options.

How does Workcom approach Vocational Assessments?

Understanding a claimant’s realistic capacity, and options for work, often requires having such an occupational assessment carried out. Our vocational evaluations are comprehensive and flexible, and provide a solid foundation to help individuals navigate their future career or return to work direction. We also ensure our vocational recommendations reflect any injury or disability considerations.

Workcom’s experienced consultants take great care to tailor the right occupational assessment to meet the needs of each individual case, with the goal of return to work, as soon as safely possible, in mind. These evaluations have been developed to ensure our vocational job option recommendations provide the best possible match for our clients while empowering them to be active participants in their career goal setting and planning.

In every instance, Workcom’s vocational assessments will gain an understanding of a claimant’s capacity for employment and analyse their transferable skills based on their education, training and experience. We will also identify and strategise around potential barriers to vocational rehabilitation, recovery and the return to work process to ensure a practical and robust return to work plan is drafted. Ensuring identified options are practical, reflective of the claimant’s transferable skills and strengths, and realistic within the labour market assessed.

Wherever possible, options are considered utilising the claimant’s skill set, before exploring re-training. However, reasonable options for re-training and addressing key skill gaps can also be identified. Workcom can also provide vocational testing such as literacy testing and career inventories in the event that these are necessary to confirm suitable options.

To learn more about these vocational evaluations or about our other return to work services, please call us on 1300 654 425.