Workcom is an accredited rehab provider offering a range of Australia-wide Return to Work services including Initial Needs Assessment services.

The Initial Needs Assessment is the foundation upon which the Return to Work program is built. Depending on the Claimant’s circumstances, this assessment can be conducted in the Claimant’s home, their work place or a Workcom Office. Each venue has its advantages and the Workcom Consultant will guide this process to ensure the Initial Needs Assessment is most effective in gaining the required trust of the Claimant as well as the information required to determine which services need to be implemented to assist the Claimant return to their optimum level of function.

Workcom Consultants and Managers are very knowledgeable and professional in terms of knowing how this process is to be implemented to ensure the best result for ALL stakeholders. They will liaise with the referrer to gain all the required background information and relevant medical documentation. Their finely tuned abilities to develop rapport and elicit the required information about the Claimant’s current status will ensure that the ensuing report will contain all the necessary information for developing appropriate goal oriented plans. This also requires their thorough working knowledge of the jurisdiction under which they are working, relevant time frames for implementation, and an understanding of the expected recovery time frames for the medical conditions currently being experienced by the Claimant.

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