Becky Zropf, Director

Becky is an Occupational Therapist, and started Workcom in 2003. Becky has over 30 years’ experience in OT, Community and Workplace Rehabilitation. She is also a qualified OT Driver Assessor, and has had local and international experience with prescribing vehicle modifications for people with disabilities. Becky is based in Queensland, and had 15 years’ experience in NSW, setting up and running a highly successful Sydney based Rehabilitation Provider before venturing North.  Apart from assisting to manage and grow the services offered within Workcom, Becky provides hands-on services to insurers and employers, including case management of catastrophic cases, such as people with spinal and head injuries.

Becky has a particular interest in proactive service provision, whereby customers are ensured quality services with creative ideas, provided above their expectations. This is a focus she instils in the team at Workcom.

Leon Zropf, Director

After 18 years working with 2 of the world’s leading banks in the cut-and-thrust of global financial markets, servicing some of the industry’s largest clients, Leon’s focus is on Customer Service, Relationship Management and “getting the deal done” through dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.

Involved also in start-ups in both the Construction and Advertising industries, Leon’s Business Development experience applies to making sure Workcom continues to innovate, and seek opportunities to provide our clients with new solutions to old (and new) challenges.

Richard Robilliard, General Manager

Richard is a Physiotherapist, and started as General Manager at Workcom in 2013. Richard has over 30 years’ experience in Physio and Workplace Rehabilitation. He is based in Sydney and has been working in management roles for Rehabilitation Providers both in NSW and interstate since 2007.

Richard is passionate about ensuring that Workcom continues to provide an optimal level of service in communication, file management and report writing. He has played an essential role in ensuring that Workcom consistently scores over 90% in its annual self evaluation audit.

Gemma Jorgensen, Queensland Manager

Gemma is a Registered Nurse who commenced her role as Queensland Manager for Workcom in 2014.  Gemma is based in Queensland and has experience in General Nursing, Occupational Nursing, Workplace Rehabilitation in the Private Employer sector as well as Workplace Rehabilitation for a Queensland based Insurer.

Gemma has a particular interest in ensuring the effective management of a team of health professionals by mentoring and assisting them develop effective strategies to build a claimant’s capacity.  She has successfully managed the delivery of Workcom’s Rehabilitation service provision and Customer relationships throughout Queensland and really enjoys working with a team to achieve outstanding results.

Julie Wong, Victoria Manager

Julie is an Occupational Therapist and has over 25 years’ OT experience in Community, Neurological, Workplace, and Spinal Rehabilitation. Julie is based in Melbourne and is the manager of the Victorian Workcom team. Julie is passionate about providing the best possible services in Victoria to customers, ensuring a hands-on approach with insurers and employers. Julie also manages a small caseload of complex claims, with a particular interest in spinal injuries and mental health.

Julie places a high priority on excellent communication, and works closely with her team, to ensure that Workcom provides the most outstanding level of service and experience possible.

Kristin Boss, National Vocational Services Manager

Kristin is a Rehabilitation Counsellor, and has been Workcom’s National Vocational Services Manager since 2016. Kristin has over 10 years’ experience in Workplace Rehabilitation and prior to this, she worked in the education sector with children with intellectual disabilities. Kristin is based in Brisbane and has worked with the NSW and QLD insurance schemes since 2006.

Kristin has a particular interest in redeployment services and vocational rehabilitation. She is focused on driving the Vocational Services Team to work collaboratively to achieve sustainable return to work outcomes.


Workcom has a policy of utilising only experienced consultants. Our consultants have an average experience of 10 years in Workplace Rehabilitation. The expertise and broad experience of the consultants and the team allows for industry specific approaches and that can manage even the most difficult cases that translates to improved outcomes for the individual and your organisation.

Real Communication and Above and Beyond Service

The work, life and business experience of Workcom consultants enables them to genuinely understand your business needs and develop strong working relationships. Flexibility runs through our business model so we can adapt and meet the diverse needs that your organisation has, For example; after hours consultation to night shift workers, or meet workers on their job driving trucks or ferries! We make an effort to provide the service that you require specific customer requires.

At Workcom we believe listening is they key to effective communication. Through active listening we work very hard to understand your business and the specific needs of each particular case within the context of the workplace. It is on this basis that we are able to establish a communication plan that works, keeps you and other key stakeholders up to date, avoids unnecessary written reports and speaks to you about what you want and need to hear in a cost effective and timely manner.

Workcom aims to exceed our customers’ expectations through exceptional service delivery in the provision of injury management services, injury prevention, and health management.

Our Values

  • Empathy
  • Common Sense
  • Integrity
  • Open and real communication
  • Going above and beyond for our customers

These values underpin how we deliver services to our customers, clients and in working with other key stakeholders.