Do you need help to find a job? Workcom’s Consultants are skilled and experienced in the provision of job seeking assistance and guidance across Australia.

Workcom understands that not all clients have the same needs, and vocational goals and pathways to employment require dynamic and flexible thinking. Therefore, job seeking programs are tailored specifically to a client’s needs, and can include the following:

  • Resume production and ongoing editing
  • Cover letters
  • Interview skills and mock interviews
  • Injury/claim disclosure training at all stages of the application process
  • Using the internet to search for and apply for vacancies
  • Setting up an online profile (SEEK Profile, LinkedIn)
  • Accessing the hidden job market.

Workcom Consultants are able to provide clients with realistic and expert advice on current labour market trends, and ensure that clients possess the required skills and knowledge to re-enter the workforce into sustainable roles that match their physical abilities.

If you want to know more about how we can help, please call us on 1300 654 425.