We are a job rehab provider and placement agency which provides employability assessments for workers’ compensation claimants.

Workcom understands that employability assessments are continually changing and dynamic, and that they need to consider the latest legal precedents within industries.

These comprehensive and often complex job skills assessments for worker’s compenation claimants draw together a clear understanding and summary of a claimant’s capacity for employment, and their transferable skills based on their education, training and work/life experience before recommending potential vocational options to assess against a nominated labour market.

Workcom Consultants will partner with your Life Team to ensure that each assessment addresses the specific information needed on a case by case basis, to add value to the assessment process, without providing unnecessary information.

The Workcom Consultant accesses the latest labour market trend data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Job Markets Australia and where required can provide real world, local employer contact research along with our assessment findings. Employability assessments can be completed either through claimant appointment (face to face, online or telephone), or as part of a paper based (desktop) file review.

If you want to know more about how we can help, please call us on 1300 654 425.