return to work assessment carried out in warehouse

The most victorious stage in an injured employee’s recovery is the final stage, the return to work. Workcom helps workers make a safe transition back to the workplace while also helping employers retain valued staff.

It is a complicated process in which many factors at the individual, organisational and external levels interact to influence an employees recovery, their absence from work, and the suitability and timing of their return to work.

A positive return to work outcome relies on all involved (the injured worker, their employer, their doctor and their therapists), being on the same page and working effectively together.

Discover How we Approach providing Return to Work Services

Here at Workcom, we help employees make a positive re-entry to their workplace, as safely and quickly as possible.

We understand that carrying out an effective initial needs and workplace assessment with the injured worker, and forming a partnership between the worker, their employer, doctor and treating therapists, will ensure a person’s maximum function and return to work success.

Here at Workcom, our team provide innovative return to work programs and services to assist injured workers so that they may safely get back to work as soon as possible. These solutions result in a more motivated and productive worker, ultimately benefitting them, and their employer.

Our Return to Work Solutions include the following Assessments, Services & Programs

Where possible, these return to work services are recommended to be carried out in the workplace.

We know close communication and collaboration is essential to achieving the best return to work outcomes for staff, and the economic benefits this brings to a business. To find out more about how we can help, please call us on 1300 654 425.