Workcom is a workplace rehab provider which offers a range of Australia-wide return to work services including functional capacity evaluations.

The purpose of the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is to complete a thorough assessment of the Claimant’s current medical and functional status and, where requested, compare the Claimant’s current physical capacity for work with their current or recent work role. This process involves the Workcom Consultant doing the following:

  • Review all relevant medical documentation
  • Conduct appropriate evidence based questionnaires regarding the Claimant’s current status
  • Ask about their tolerance for every day postures and activities
  • Take the Claimant through a series of flexibility and muscle tests
  • Assess the Claimant’s ability to complete a series of physical tasks to accurately determine the Claimant’s overall functional abilities and capacity for work related tasks.

The Workcom Consultant completes a comprehensive report which includes comments on potential barriers observed such as fear avoidance behaviour, poor manual handling techniques and any issues raised in respect of psychosocial issues. Where appropriate, interventions to address these barriers are addressed in the report. Finally, recommendations will be made (if requested) regarding appropriate interventions such as a graduated return to work plan and/or supervised exercise programs that specifically target limitations observed so that the Claimant can regain maximum function in a timely manner.

Workcom has the capacity to complete either a standardised (completed in line with the protocols of systems such as Workhab or ErgoScience) or non-standardised FCE, depending on the circumstances. Regardless, the skill in completing these reports is not just about following certain procedures and observing the Claimant perform physical tasks, but utilising skilled analysis and detailed questioning to tease out the Claimant’s levels of motivation, any self-limiting behaviours and then comment on any inconsistencies observed. These findings of the Claimant’s reported and observed capacity for physical activity are also considered in light of the supplied medical documentation. Where appropriate, the Workcom Consultant will question the Claimant about any inconsistences observed to gain a better understanding of the claimant’s real capacity for work related tasks.

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