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WORKCOM appointed to the DVA Panel!

Our Men and Women in the forces deserve all the support we can give them after their years of arduous service. Workcom consultants have been providing this support for a while now with increasing recognition from DVA for our outcomes.  When the Department decided to reduce its number of providers from 37 to 10, our…


Workcom appointed to the ORAMS Panel

44 Federal Government Departments entrust their Occupational Rehab and Medical Services provision to a small group of Occ Rehab Providers, and the opportunity to become one of this select group came up earlier in 2023.   Workcom was invited to participate in the Tender process and vie for a position on this prestigious panel.   After months…

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15000 people helped


15000 is not a lot of people in a footy stadium but it’s a lot of workplace injuries, Motor Vehicle accidents, serious illnesses and the like.  On 25 September this year, we entered our 15000th referral into our system since 2007. They haven’t all returned to work or had amazing outcomes but what we know…



When OT Kate Atkins first joined in 2008 she was our first hire and she’s still with us doing her great work.   When our latest Rehab Counsellor in Southern Sydney signed on this week she took our current team to 100 in 24 towns and cities around Australia and New Zealand.  There has been a…

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Progressive Goal Attainment Program PGAP

Workcom consultants receive specialised training in PGAP

Workcom allied health professionals have received specialised training and qualifications in the delivery of the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP). PGAP is an evidence-based program that aims to prevent or reduce the severity of disability associated with musculoskeletal conditions, depression, cancer and other chronic health conditions or injuries. PGAP is designed to assist people struggling…


Workcom appointed to Suncorp rehabilitation services panel

Workcom has been successfully appointed to Suncorp’s national panel for the provision of rehabilitation services to their workers compensation and CTP Insurance divisions. “This appointment is a testament to the great work our team do and their ability to deliver results which best meet Suncorp’s business requirements,” said CEO Paul Stokes. “We look forward to…

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