All work tasks require consideration for ensuring best match between the worker and their capabilities. This is especially important when a person has physical, psychological and/or cognitive barriers.

A job task analysis involves a detailed review of all areas of a person’s work, namely:

  • Physical/Manual Handling demands of the task
  • Cognitive demands
  • Psychological demands
  • Work environment
  • PPE
  • Equipment
  • Hours of work
  • Medical considerations

Work tasks are allocated a Physical Demand Level, eg sedentary, light, medium, heavy and very heavy, and relate to frequency and physical demands of the tasks.

When a worker is experiencing difficulty managing their return to work because of medical restrictions, analysis of the work tasks can ensure the person is returned to duties appropriate to their current capabilities. It can also provide Doctors with an accurate insight into specific work demands of the patient’s work role to give them added confidence that their patient will not be returning to work that exceeds their current capacity.

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