vocational-servicesOur Work Rehabilitation Counsellors and Registered Psychologists are highly skilled in providing vocational and career change counselling and services to people following an injury, to assist with identifying suitable new employment pathways which align to individual strengths, motivations, values and interests.

We analyse job skills which are transferable to real employment opportunities, and facilitate the transition from one workplace, and/or occupation, to another more suitable workplace, and/or occupation, following an injury or illness.

As part of this vocational evaluation, we also consider all aspects of physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Workcom’s experts focus on collaboration, transparency, client rapport building, and comprehensive strategy setting in order to grow trust and encourage a person’s commitment to working towards realistic return to work goals.

What is Performed as part of our Occupational Services?

Our Vocational Services model and methodology is consistent with our workplace rehabilitation company’s commitment to applying a bio psycho-social approach to job injury management.

  • Identifying workers’ retraining capacity.
  • An analysis of hard skills transferable to alternative employment.
  • Providing a job match that is clinically robust and medically endorsed to meet the requirements of their job injury management plan.
  • An analysis of the physical and psychological task requirements of potential occupations.
  • Ensuring the injured worker is engaged in, and is actively participating, in the discovery of their own unique skill set and how to promote this skill set from the outset of vocational redirection.
  • Providing a job match that considers comparable post injury earnings, ensuring a close as possible match to the pre-injury earning capacity demonstrated by the injured worker.

What Job Search Activities and Solutions are Provided by Workcom?

  • Mock interview coaching.
  • Training in job seeking skills.
  • Development of a self-marketing job search plan.
  • Understanding and signing off, from the injured worker, to the compliance and activity requirements of job seeking.

To find out more about how we can help, please call our workplace rehabilitation company on 1300 654 425.